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Spilling the Tea on Your Degree

Get the inside scoop on everything related to your degree at Ontario Tech. We dive into what makes each program unique, what students love about it and more!
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Advising U

Your Academic Advisors moonlight as podcast hosts to discuss important information, tips and tricks to keep you informed throughout the academic year.
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The Road to Equity

A student-made podcast exploring equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Ontario Tech community. Hear stories from your fellow Ridgebacks about their experiences and perspective on different topics such as trans-inclusion, gender equality, equity in the workplace, and so much more.
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All Things Community

Students from across the Durham region showcase how they foster community in their work, hobbies, and everyday life.
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Digital Community Podcast

Ridgeback Student Voices (formerly the Digital Community) is proud to present its original podcast, an extension of all the content you already love, by the creators you connect with, but in audio format!

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