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New Year, new me with Ridgeback Student Voices

January 8, 2021

Many New Year’s resolutions fail. However, Ridgeback Student Voices Crew wants this year to be different. We would like to welcome 2021 and throw away 2020 with a list of our New Year’s resolutions that we will stick to. Will you help us remain accountable? 


“I would like to become more confident in myself by taking more risks and getting rid of impostor syndrome. Being more confident will allow me to step out of my comfort zone and decrease anxiety, which in turn will allow me to embark on more opportunities. I am planning to give myself monthly challenges and telling my friends about said challenges to help me remain accountable.” 

- Fatima Bah, Fourth Year, Life Sciences


“My resolution for this year, which I’ve already put into practice is to work on an appropriate sleep/study schedule. I tend to stay up late at night studying instead of doing so in the morning leaving me with very little time to sleep. In order to work on fixing this, I’ve made a study schedule for myself that outlines days and times I need to complete certain school work. This has helped me stay organized and have my much-needed sleep back.”

- Nora Findakly, Fourth Year, Life Sciences


“I hope to get back into consistent exercising and healthy eating. I was so good at this at the beginning of undergrad. I’d go to the gym every day before class and never ate from the school’s Tim’s. Over time as my dedication to working out decreased, my Tim’s snacking increased. As school got busier, I stopped making working out a priority and I’d like to reverse that! I’m going to plan to do some form of exercise consistently 3 days a week and once I can maintain that, hopefully, work back up to exercising five days a week! ” 

- Sylvia Harnarain, Fourth Year, Life Sciences