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Poems about relationships and consent

May 12, 2020

These poems were submitted as part of the #WeGetConsent art contest.

“She” by Riddhi Rajpura

This poem written by Riddhi Rajpura is dedicated to all the beautiful, brave, and bold women who fight for themselves against harassment.

With glitter of courage in her eyes

Smile of wisdom on her lips

The charm of loyalty on her face

Sense of coercion in her mind

What a deadly combination she is


And you silly fellow,

Don’t even dare to touch this deadly combination without getting consent from her

She is a beautiful mystery, not your property

If you have guts, ask for her permission first

If you have morals, respect her willingness first

Otherwise, be ready to get your worst


“Life” by Anonymous

This poem focuses on a key aspect of relationships, which many people don’t consider – grief. The fear of losing a loved one and the memories surrounding them.

If life really is a circle,

it will bring us all back together again,



Maybe in a different life,

or in a thousand different faces,

that I'll pass in the street,

long after you're gone.


Life will bring you back to me,

in the slow amble of people,

who don't merely observe life,

but live and love life ,

because they have seen so much,

and have so little left.


Life will bring you back to me,

in the songs from times gone by,

or the laughter of the people,

who laugh because they know pain.


Time is the predetermined winner.


And we never had enough.