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Things you can get student discounts on

April 4, 2022

I was scrolling through social media and saw an ad for Prime Student and I was like wait… have I been paying full price when I can get a discounted subscription fee?! That really inspired me to do some research and make a compilation of different things that we can get student discounts on! 

Without further ado, let’s save some money!


Prime Student 

As I mentioned above I was really interested in the Prime Student discount because I’ve grown to love Amazon Prime, especially Prime Video...dare I say it’s better than Netflix? With a Prime Student subscription you get free delivery, access to Prime Video, music streaming, and so much more. The awesome part is that you also get a 6-month free trial! After that, you pay $3.99/month (as opposed to the $7.99/month regular rate). 

Check out Prime Student


The whole reason I joined Spotify in the first place is because of the student discount! If you’re a new subscriber you get a 3-month free trial! After that, you pay $4.99/month (as opposed to the $9.99/month regular individual rate).

Check out Spotify for students

Apple Music 

Apple Music also offers a student discount which I took advantage of when I used Apple Music as well! If you’re also a new subscriber you get a 3 month free trial and access to Apple TV+ for a limited time! After that, you pay $4.99/month (as opposed to the $9.99/month regular individual rate).


This is my own personal reminder that I should get another SPC membership! An SPC membership requires a one-time payment of $10 and secures your access to student discounts at different retailers for the entire year. You can use your card at Indigo, Bath & Body Works, Pizza Pizza, and so much more!

Check out SPC

Some advice…

My biggest takeaway from writing this article is that if you’re ever shopping for something, always make it a habit to check if there’s a student discount option before checking out! Looking back I could have saved so much just from doing a quick search beforehand. These are just some of the discounts that I found but I know for a fact that there are many more out there. I highly encourage you to do your own research and share any of your findings with your fellow peers and with us on @otstudentlife

Here’s a list of helpful websites to also refer to: