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Funny Student Struggles of Studying at the Library

April 27, 2022

I love studying at the local public library. Now more than ever I am tempted to go to the library because the four walls of my room are starting to emulate a prison vibe. Do you blame me though? We’ve been schooling from home for nearly 2 years now! There are however some things that bother me and leave me paranoid when visiting the local public library. I hope you can relate!

Not being able to eat food


While I respect and understand the COVID protocols surrounding no food in the library, I can’t silence my gurgling stomach. I get hungry so quickly! Perhaps it is due to overuse of brainpower, but I can’t help it, I need to reach for food.

Having to use the washroom frequently


With every sip of water, I know I am reaching another washroom visit. I feel like I use the washroom way more at the library than I would at home lol!

Being paranoid about my stuff getting stolen 

Every time I get up to go to the washroom or take a small break, I always have to pack my valuables and bring them along with me. I get so paranoid that someone is going to steal my stuff. 

Looking around to see if everyone is focused


Sometimes when I lose focus or feel like calling it quits and going home, I take a quick scan of my perimeter to see what strangers are up to. When I see them focused on their work, I tell myself I can push through as well!

Being afraid of losing my study spot

With the point above about not leaving my stuff behind, I also fear that if I were to walk away from my study spot for a bit, it will be gone forever. For this reason, I always leave a jacket or some stationary on the table!

Never leaving beverages on the desk 

I have this strange feeling that someone may mix something into my beverages if I were to leave them on the desk. You probably are wondering who thinks like that? I know, I know, my friends laugh at me too. Maybe I just watch too many crime shows, but one can never be too careful!

Asking someone to watch my stuff


Sometimes I get fed up with lugging my stuff to the washroom and back, so I'll ask someone close by to keep an eye on my stuff. I always feel scared to approach them because I don’t want to bother them but really it's just my anxiety because they're always happy to do so!