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Ontario Tech acknowledges the lands and people of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

We are thankful to be welcome on these lands in friendship. The lands we are situated on are covered by the Williams Treaties and are the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, a branch of the greater Anishinaabeg Nation, including Algonquin, Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi. These lands remain home to many Indigenous nations and peoples.

We acknowledge this land out of respect for the Indigenous nations who have cared for Turtle Island, also called North America, from before the arrival of settler peoples until this day. Most importantly, we acknowledge that the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of friendship with the First Nations who call them home.

This history is something we are all affected by because we are all treaty people in Canada. We all have a shared history to reflect on, and each of us is affected by this history in different ways. Our past defines our present, but if we move forward as friends and allies, then it does not have to define our future.

Learn more about Indigenous Education and Cultural Services

A Letter to You

February 7, 2022

Dear Beautiful, 

If we look around, we find ourselves surrounded by smiles and seemingly “normal” people going about their lives. When the going gets tough and you have to hit the brakes, you may come across feelings of confusion and even fear to see you may not resonate as someone who is normal. Of course, as humans, we are curious beings. Our patterns of analysis lead us to all sorts of conclusions all of which may revolve around feelings of inadequacy, shame, disgust or simply feeling poorly or sorry for oneself. 

As someone who has been through this cycle, I would like to assure you that the world is not as normal as it may seem. Everyone has problems. Everyone. Some individuals hide them better than others and some may have found coping mechanisms to get through them. In fact, I would say comparison is the biggest thief of joy yet we so frequently engage in it. I think the most important step to change is realizing you are not competing with anyone. You are special. You are unique. I am so proud of you for powering through this journey called life despite everything you’ve been through. 

If you clicked on this article and made it this far, this means something. This may be the hope you were searching for. Take this as a sign to not give up. I don’t care who did what or what barriers are stopping you from achieving your best potential, you will absolutely not cave and believe any illusory thoughts that your mind may have led you to believe. The biggest gift that we have as humans beyond all other species in this world is our mind. Yes, I sound like I came fresh out of a Neuroscience lecture (because I actually did), but think about this with me. Our ability to rationalize, explore, manifest, create is so powerful if we step back to think about it. For this reason, it is so important that we take care of ourselves. 

Self-care and understanding oneself is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. If things are not right up there (in our mind) then everything else may go into shambles. We need to normalize stepping away and taking time out for ourselves to understand what we are feeling and why we are feeling this way. If you ever feel like you cannot understand yourself, you have the option of sharing your concerns with others who may help you delve deeper into establishing an understanding. Others may include your family, friends, loved ones, or even a therapist. Talking it through and gauging another perspective allows us to challenge the one-dimensional beliefs we may hold. Below are some resources that I would urge you to check out if you would like to! 

I will end off by saying that to every problem no matter how big or small it may be, there lies a solution. The solution may not be easily found but it does exist and if we can simply choose to believe this and let go of the negative narrative we keep telling ourselves about our life only then can we truly begin to live. You are loved, you are important, you matter, and don’t you ever forget that!

Resources you may seek out

iCBT services

The provincial government has arranged for Ontario residents to receive iCBT services. Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) is a practical, short-term program delivered online. It helps people develop skills and strategies to address symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression.

Two portals have been offered for support. To see if the program would be a good fit or to register, please check out:



Wellness Together Canada

The Canadian Government has also opened up a portal called Wellness Together Canada. The portal provides free online resources, tools, apps, and connections to trained volunteers and qualified mental health professionals when needed for counselling. 

Access the portal

You can also text Wellness to 741741 to talk to a counsellor. They also have a counselling line at 1.866.585.0445.

WoodGreen phone counseling

WoodGreen has offered the following update in light of COVID-19: Walk-in Counseling has been suspended until further notice. As an alternative, we will be offering a small number of phone counselling sessions on a first come- first serve basis. Please call 416.645.6000 ext. 1990 on Tuesday and Wednesday between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to book your appointment.

Family Services Toronto

Family Services Toronto also offers single-session walk-in services every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at their location at 355 Church Street in Toronto. They also offer ongoing support as well for a fee. More information about their service can be sought by calling 416.595.9618 as to their availability for phone or video counselling due to COVID-19.

Here are some support lines that you can reach out to and talk to when you are feeling sad, overwhelmed.

Toronto Distress Centre 

Toronto Distress Centre offers supportive listening and emotional support. It is available 24/7 at 416.408.4357. Toronto Distress Centre also has a text service by texting SUPPORT to 258258 and online chat which is available from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Progress Place Warmline

Progress Place Warmline is offered daily from noon to midnight by calling 416.960.9276 or 416.323.3721 or by text at 647.557.5882. They also offer online chat services.  Warmline is a peer-run listening line staffed by people in recovery themselves who understand your unique perspective and can help talk you through your issues.


Youthspace is available from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. for youth under 30. It offers supportive listening and emotional crisis support.