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Top five Christmas movies to stream this holiday season

December 22, 2020

 It is that time of the year again! Holiday songs are playing on radio channels, Hallmark Christmas movies, and candy cane hot chocolate can only mean one thing: Christmas is just right around the corner! One of the many activities that I look forward to doing with my family is watching Christmas movies. This year, we watched many of the Christmas movies available on Netflix and have created our top five Christmas movies that can be streamed on Netflix.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

For those you enjoy a twist on the traditional Cinderella story with a dash of Christmas, this is the movie for you. Laura Marano stars as a teenager, Katherine, who wishes to become a singer/songwriter but is unable to pursue this dream because of her stepmother and stepsisters who control the money that her father has left her and treat her as a servant rather than part of their family. Nevertheless, Katherine continues to work hard at her part-time job with her best friend but when the new Santa arrives at her work, Katherine realizes that her Christmas with her stepmother and stepsisters may not be that terrible as she thought it would be. This movie is one of my favourite Christmas movies due to my love for Disney and Christmas. A Cinderella Story; A Christmas Wish is the perfect mix of both.


The Holiday Calendar

Although this movie came out two years ago, it is still a must-watch! With the use of an advent calendar given by her grandfather, love occurs unexpectedly between a photographer and her best friend. Every year, at the beginning of December, my parents would bring home an advent calendar filled with chocolate to countdown the days to Christmas. The excitement of opening a slot each day and knowing that Christmas was approaching is one of the best memories I have of the holidays.


Christmas with the Kranks

If you are looking for a Christmas movie that will have you laughing with your family, this is the perfect movie. When the Kranks try to skip Christmas after their daughter travels abroad for the holidays, things go unexpected when their friends find out.

Disclaimer: Be prepared to laugh until you cry. I know I did!


The Princess Switch

Now I know I already mentioned a Christmas Princess movie but this one cannot be forgotten! When a baker from Chicago travels to Belgravia for a baking contest, she runs into the Duchess and they decide to switch places to experience a different life. However, when love blossoms between each of the girls during the switch, will have to forget about their love? This movie will have you laughing and feeling sentimental all at once!


The Grinch

Including the songs and the hilarious Grinch, the remake of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a movie that you do not want to miss! However, I must warn you that the songs are very catchy and you might find yourself humming or singing one line over and over again.


So grab your favourite holiday drink and watch a Christmas movie with your family!


By Alicia Ramnarine