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What happened to you?

April 16, 2024

It's all right, you forgot who you were, welcome back...What happened to you?

What happened to those beautiful round eyes gazing at the world with so much hope? Looking up, down, left, and right, you guided those who felt your aura despite the lack of bright light. The dreams you dreamed of and wished to achieve are still out there. Despite the storm, rain, heartache, and pain, you always seemed to sail smoothly. You were a work of art. Broken, wounded, destroyed, yet you danced so eloquently across this stage of life. Nobody could see the demons you carried because you never let them bother you. But oh boy, did they torment you. You, my angel, have shown them that you are here to stay, despite their negativity. What happened to the girl who sat on the shoreline, crafting dreams bigger than the waves and an unwavering ambition fuelled by a volcano? I don’t know what else may have ignited this drive.

You always carried yourself like the person you wished to be as though you were already them. With grace, you put one foot in front of the other. You were clear about your intentions. If you couldn’t run, you would walk, if you couldn’t walk, you would limp, if you couldn’t limp, you would crawl and because you were willing to crawl you began to fly.

Just being in your presence made me feel so uplifted. I felt a sense of strength as though I could conquer anything because I saw that you were able to.

You were so beautiful. The way your hair bounced down your back. If one stared at them too long, they would jump off a can as they spiralled down a dream of sinusoidal functions.

When you were nervous, you’d bite your lip so subtly. When you were stressed, your forehead would dimple, and when you were excited, that glistening smile brought optometrists joy as it was so blinding yet soothing.

Despite being broken, you carried those around you. You ensured you lift others despite knowing there may or may not be any benefit from doing so. You got a high out of giving, which filled your soul with light. By providing you received, you received a sense of gratitude unparalleled by any other feeling in this world.

So, what became of this flower? What happened to that light? Why are you turning your back now? Come back; we need you, and you need you. Turn around and look in the mirror to find yourself.

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