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Autumn is the best season – here’s why

October 4, 2021

With tree leaves falling, pumpkin-flavoured everything, and thanksgiving around the corner it’s officially time for my favourite season – the fall season. This season brings forth some of the coziest vibes of the year paired with remarkable sights you don’t want to miss out on. I know not everyone’s favourite season is the fall season, but keep reading below to possibly change your mind.

Reason 1: Outfits

The fashion game in the fall remains undefeated. In this season, sweater weather is in full effect and I have no complaints. The cozy attire involves wearing multiple layers which, yes, helps to keep you warm, but let’s be real, it also helps elevate your fashion game. From trading hats for scarves, sandals for boots, and sundresses for blazers, fall outfits are always winning in my eyes. 


Reason 2: The weather

With summer temperatures too hot and winter temperatures too cold, that places the temperatures in the fall season in the perfect range. The constantly present light breeze is a great balance between the humidity of the summer season and the snowstorms from the winter season. As a result of this, I think it’s only fair to deem fall as the winner.  



Reason 3: Outdoor activities

There are countless outdoor activities the fall season offers like camping, going to a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, apple picking, horseback riding, having a bonfire, visiting a haunted house, going stargazing, going on a hayride, etc. With such unique and festive activities, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the beauty the season has to offer. 


Reason 4: The views

As the fall season rolls around, the monotone green tones of the summer season are exchanged for lively warm hues that lay like a blanket over the landscape. The most striking, stunning, and scenic views of all time are reserved for the fall foliage. I am ten times more likely to want to go on a walk, drive, or hike in the fall over any other season because the views are out of this world.



I may be biased, but I recommend you take some time to go outside and enjoy everything the season has to offer because it’s not as dull as you might have once thought. Yes, the summer is full of opportunities for adventure, spring full of flowers and pastel colours, and winter full of remarkable snowfall and Christmas cheer, but fall is the most underrated season of all.