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Ontario Tech acknowledges the lands and people of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

We are thankful to be welcome on these lands in friendship. The lands we are situated on are covered by the Williams Treaties and are the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, a branch of the greater Anishinaabeg Nation, including Algonquin, Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi. These lands remain home to many Indigenous nations and peoples.

We acknowledge this land out of respect for the Indigenous nations who have cared for Turtle Island, also called North America, from before the arrival of settler peoples until this day. Most importantly, we acknowledge that the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of friendship with the First Nations who call them home.

This history is something we are all affected by because we are all treaty people in Canada. We all have a shared history to reflect on, and each of us is affected by this history in different ways. Our past defines our present, but if we move forward as friends and allies, then it does not have to define our future.

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Five TV shows with girl squads worth watching

March 6, 2020

I love a good TV show that gets you so invested in the characters, to the point that you wish you could be friends with some of these fictional entities. Here is a list of five TV show girl squads you might consider joining after watching the show. 

Jane the Virgin

If you’ve ever seen the hashtags #TeamRafael or #Team Michael, this show is the cause of the uproar! Jane the Virgin follows the Villanueva and Solano women as they tackle accidental artificial inseminations and so much more in this telenovela style tv show that has the ability to make me laugh and cry in a single episode. It’s hard to assign a genre to this show as it ranges all the way from romance to crime thriller at times! Jane the Virgin depicts the many roles that a woman can take on in her life from being a daughter, mother, grandmother, granddaughter, girlfriend, wife, widow, friend and so many others. It explores the dynamic relationships of each role in both heartwarming and heart-wrenching ways. Whether these characters are good or bad, it’s hard not to fall in love with them!  Plus, there is an entertaining narrator that will guide you through the episodes, keep you on the edge of your seat and at times he says exactly what you might be thinking!

Big Little Lies 

Set in the beautiful city of Monterey, California, Big Little Lies is a story of five mothers who begin the show bound by the fact that their children are all in the same second-grade class. Amidst secrets, lies and many truths to be discovered, by the end of the season The Monterey Five, as they are called, are bound by so much more. I was drawn to this show initially because it is an adaptation of the novel Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty which I heard nothing but good reviews about. What kept me hooked while watching this show is how different all of the women are. They all lead different lives, have different jobs but are united in motherhood and later on in friendship. The cast is phenomenal and full of stellar actresses including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Laura Dern and the amazing Meryl Streep joins the cast in season 2. 

Good Girls 

Good Girls is a show about three average ladies Beth, Annie and Ruby who happen to be best friends and mothers. They also happen to be in dire need of money, and fast. The show follows their plan to rob a safe in a local grocery store, and the repercussions of their actions in this comedy-crime drama. The title really explains why I think this is such a good show, it’s the story of good girls gone bad. They lead normal lives during the day but at night they are fierce crime committers. The banter between the main characters is hilarious and so entertaining, mid-robbery they second guess themselves, make mistakes and get into all kinds of unforeseen trouble. There is never a dull moment with these ladies!

Dead To Me 

Dead To Me is a story of two widows, Jen and Judy who initially meet at a support group, but end up finding comfort and friendship in each other. As their friendship grows, so does the weight of a certain secret in a dark comedic fashion. As I was watching this show in my comfy and cozy bed, it got so intense that my laptop went flying onto the hardwood floor. The screen literally became unattached from the base of the computer. Injuries were sustained, no joke. The friendship between Jen and Judy starts off light, fun and innocent until it isn’t anymore, and the truth is abrupt! Laptop breakingly abrupt! Be prepared. 

Gilmore Girls 

Gilmore Girls is an oldie, but a goodie. First airing in 2000, it follows the lives of a mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Lorelai (Rory) Gilmore as they weave their way through relationships, heartbreak, college applications and business endeavours. I remember watching this show on TV in snippets way back in the day but it recently caught my attention on Netflix. There are so many iconic places like Luke’s Diner, phrases like “in omnia paratus” and characters like Kirk in this show. Are you Team Dean or Team Jess or Team Logan? Are you team Independence Inn or Dragonfly Inn? Can you smell snow? Because Lorelai can! These are all unique quirks of the show and reasons to watch the Gilmore Girls as it is truly a classic that should not be missed.

Happy watching!