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Seven of the best halal food options on and near campus

June 5, 2019

It takes too long to find good halal restaurants to head to with friends, so I've compiled a list of options that you can’t go wrong with:


Simcoe St. (Varsity Studios), Oshawa

Osmow’s is a great choice if you want to try something Mediterranean with an American twist. They have classic Arabic/Mediterranean foods like hummus, salads, wraps (try their Osmow’s special wrap), shawarma platters, and their famous specialities like chicken/beef on the rocks and chicken/beef on the stix. The atmosphere at Osmow’s is great to bring a couple of friends and have a good time while having amazing food. The prices are also reasonable considering the amount and quality of the food you are getting.

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Burger Guys

King St. and Nassau St., Oshawa

Burger Guy’s is THE BEST place to grab a good halal burger near campus. Located only a 15-minute bus ride from the North campus location and a 15-minute walk from the 61 Charles location. These guys know how to make a great burger. They have a lot of options from the classic beef and chicken burgers, to peri-peri burgers, tandoori burgers, and everything in between. If you’re going here though, you have to try out their special “Hulk Attack” Burger. It is a giant, double patty, three bun burger that is just oozing with flavour and just the right amount of grease. It might seem expensive at first but it will be totally worth it once you take your first bite.

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Taunton Rd. and Harmony Rd., Oshawa

Craving some classic peri-peri chicken? Nandos is located just a 20-minute bus ride from the North campus location. Nando’s is globally famous for flavorful and open-flame grilled peri-peri chicken. Grab a couple of your friends and make your way to an amazing atmosphere and some seriously amazing chicken. Their chicken is available in a variety of spice levels from “lemon and herb” to “extra hot” depending on what spice level you are comfortable with. You can also order some great sides with your chicken like peri-peri chippers, fries, grilled corn-on-the-cob, and much, much more.

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Elias Naan and Kabob

Taunton Rd. and Brock St., Whitby

Elias Naan and Kabob is hands down the best place to get Afghan food within a 20-minute bus ride of Ontario Tech’s North campus location. Unless you’re from the region, Afghan food is probably something you haven’t thought about trying. If that sounds like you, head over to Elias Naan and Kabob RIGHT. NOW. Their platter combos are served with a lot of rice, 1 or 2 skewers of flavoured meats, 1 piece of naan bread, and some salad. They also have shawarmas, samosas, nuggets, and a lot more. For the amount of food you get, it is very reasonably priced and extremely delicious.

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Tangerine Asian Cuisine

Taunton Rd. and McKinney Dr., Whitby

If you’re craving some GOOD halal Chinese food, this is the place to go. They have delicious appetizers like their chicken/fish/shrimp pakoras, lollipop chicken, spring rolls, wontons, and so much more. They also have great soups, dry and saucy chicken dishes, dry and saucy beef dishes, vegetarian dishes, a bunch of different types of noodles, and fried rice. Obviously, you also get fortune cookies after your meal. The food is delicious, the ambience is amazing, and the prices are very reasonable.

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Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Taunton Rd. and Wilson Rd., Oshawa

Sometimes all you want is something quick and simple like crispy fried chicken with fries and a drink. If that’s the case, Popeye’s has you covered with its famous fried chicken, fries, and biscuits. Just a short 10-minute bus ride away from the North campus location, this is the place for fried chicken. Due to the volume of customers, everything is fresh, hot, and crispy. You can get your chicken either mild or hot, both are delicious. It is also super cheap as well.

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UB Cafeteria

North Oshawa campus location

The UB Cafeteria is the place to go to grab a quick bite when you are on campus and hungry. You have a lot of options to eat including shawarma, burgers, salads, and pizza. The food quality is good enough if you just need something fast and reasonably priced (the pizza might be a little old sometimes though). However, the convenience comes at a slight cost increase. The UB Cafeteria is run by Aramark (ugh...I know) so expect to pay a bit more at the register than you normally would.

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