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Study Tips to Help you Stay on Track This Semester

November 9, 2022

Do you ever feel like your study habits just aren’t cutting it? Maybe the techniques you used to use aren't working anymore, or that one subject is getting tougher and tougher to stay on top off. We've all been there and as hard as it feels right now, changing small things can make a world of difference. Here are my tips to help you stay on track this semester.

Try Some New Study Techniques:

Are you having difficulty studying? Try a new method of learning!

The Pomodoro Technique:

This method consists of study sessions in 25-minute increments and ends with a 5-minute break. 


The use of flashcards is a great strategy that involves repetition and allows you to quiz yourself at the same time. If you prefer digital flashcards, you can use online applications such as Anki or Quizlet.

Active Recall:

After learning a topic, put your knowledge to the test with practice questions. Using this strategy, you can determine which regions require additional attention. Revisit the challenging concepts and re-test yourself.

Use Visuals:

Use diagrams/charts/graphs/sketches to help you visually see the information you are trying to comprehend. This strategy allows for the visualization of descriptions.

Make Study Sheets:

Make a study sheet for each chapter or unit. Include essential definitions, concepts, ideas, formulas, and anything else that will aid later revisions. Having a study sheet will make it much easier to review for tests or exams later on.

Use a Planner:

Use a planner to help you stay organized and on top of all your deadlines.
 Tip: Enter all of your course due dates once you receive your syllabus. If you do this, you will have all of the due dates in one place and will be continually aware of them.

Set Your Environment:

Make sure you have everything you need in front of you. Getting up and seeking supplies and other stuff can be pretty distracting. Reduced distractions can help you become more productive. Find or create an environment in which you work best. If you like quiet workspaces but wish you had a study buddy, put on a study with me video in the background.

Take Efficient Breaks:

Breaks can boost your productivity and motivation. By this, I don't mean studying for 5 mins and going on your phone for 1 hour, although we are all guilty of that (lol). Instead, try studying for 25 mins and take a 5 min break. Whatever the time looking to break ratio may be, make it reasonable and sustainable.

Don't feel like studying for a test or getting started on an assignment? Try this 5-minute trick. Start the assignment or study for only 5 mins. Chances are that you will continue. Often, it's getting started that is the most challenging part.

Reward Yourself:

Have something to look forward to at the end of each study/work session. Examples include going out for a treat, walking, meeting up with a friend, watching an episode of your favourite show, or anything you find joy in.

By Maazia Ahmed