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Things you should know before you attempt skiing

January 13, 2022

During the winter months, the gloomy weather got the best of me. I was so utterly bored of not being able to go outside because of quarantine and the dreadful cold that awaited me beyond the doors of my household. To add to this, I had not seen my friend in almost 6 months since online school started!

After continually complaining, we spontaneously organized a meet-up. We decided to go skiing at Lakeridge Ski Resort. This was so exciting because it was my first time! We booked our slots, put on some winter gear, and arrived at the breathing-taking facility. It was perfect. A little too perfect. At this point I should probably mention, I didn’t know how to ski! 

Once I received the skiing equipment, I began to follow my friend's instructions. I put on my ski boots, stepped on the skis, and used the ski poles to push myself forward. It was hard at first because you’re literally pushing your whole body weight solely with your arms but once I practiced a couple of times, it wasn’t too bad. 

I followed my friend and we went up the lift. It’s important to mention that science wasn’t kidding, with elevation temperature does decrease. I was freezing! Once I made it to the top of the Blanket (i.e. the hill with the lowest difficulty), I was terrified. It suddenly became so much steeper than when I saw it from down below. In a very boot-legged fashion, I began to go down this hill, again I did not know how to ski and as you may have presumed, I was going freakishly fast! I couldn’t control the skis and *BOOM* I hit the ground hard. This happened again and again and again. Until finally, I took out my phone and literally googled, “how to ski?”. 

                                    This is the blanket i.e. the only hill I managed to ski on. 

I came across wikiHow and they broke down the steps to skiing with animations-it was very helpful. I followed the steps and I improved dramatically. Here’s what I learned:

Learn to stop

You should point the front tip of your skis together and push your heels out forming a “pizza” or “wedge”. I learned that the wider I spread my skis, the slower I would go. 

Learn that the tip mentioned above only works for less steep slopes

After gaining some control on that small hill and managing to not fall. I gained some confidence to ski on a trail. I’d say, it was overconfidence. As soon as I started the trail with my friends, it was only a few milliseconds till I picked up speed and zoomed past them. “You were like a Lamborghini”, my friend laughed. I was terrified! What was going on? I followed wikiHow, I was trying to go slow yet instead I was going dangerously fast. I fell. Hard. Yes, it did hurt. No, I did not try that trail again. 


When going on snowy trips, it's better to overdress than under

Like I said earlier, I realized that as the altitude increased, the temperature decreased. I really wished that I had more layers on. I was so cold that I felt my fingers were going to fall off and I was ready to quit the course early because I just couldn’t bear the temperature! 

                                    Heading to Lakeridge Ski Resort. 

The ski lift requires fast action

On a more positive note, the ski lift was by far the most beautiful experience of the whole trip. The view was breathtaking and it was so peaceful to be up there. The only concern is that it may be a little anxiety-provoking for those trying it out for the first time. When the lift approaches you, you must act fast to push yourself back so you may sit and pull down your handles in time before it lifts you up the hill; otherwise, you will be up there without a barrier preventing you from falling!

Never be afraid to ask for help 

There were many times along the path where I struggled to pull myself up or simply move. I was fortunate enough to have staff around me during many of those times. I asked for their help and they were very supportive and helpful. 

Better safe than sorry 

Your skiing experience doesn’t have to be half as terrible or anxiety-provoking as mine. I highly encourage anyone attempting this sport for the first time to enroll in lessons. It will save you time, stress, and soreness from the recurrent falls! Furthermore, you will enjoy your experience even more!