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Indoor hobbies from least to most expensive

July 28, 2021

In these times of social uncertainty, many people are stuck indoors with an intense desire for something to do. Luckily, I have prepared a list of ten activities and hobbies that have good longevity and are wonderfully entertaining, even if it’s just you. The following list has been prepared with student financial situations in mind, so the list begins with the most affordable and becomes increasingly expensive.

Music discovery

Many of us love to listen to our favourite tunes during any activity, but our favourites can admittedly get old after a while. Now that we get to spend more time with our songs, anybody looking for a new genre or playlist has ample time to find whatever they like. I’ve recently been checking out the electronic duo Infected Mushroom. You never know what you might find!

Home exercise 

Not only is home exercise a great way to stay occupied and healthy, but it’s also completely free! As long as you have an internet connection, there is a multitude of instructional videos, apps, and websites that can guide you through anything from bodybuilding to yoga. In terms of my exercise, I’ve given my pull-up bar a few inquisitive looks.

Reading and writing

Whether it be fiction or nonfiction, there are literally millions of books available to order or read online. Don’t just limit yourself to books, check out news articles, scientific research, or wiki articles about your favourite subjects! If you’re more creatively inclined, now might be the time to write that story you’ve been thinking about.

Arts and crafts

The sky really is the limit here. Painting, sculpting, drawing… The list could go on forever. Dig around your house for some supplies to work with, or check online for some art outlet stores. My cousin has taken an interest in painting with Bob Ross, and you might be surprised what you’re capable of once you put your mind to something.

Knitting and sewing 

I admittedly have no experience with this, primarily due to my lack of patience. If you have the supplies, fortitude, and ideas, you can tailor or create your own clothes. You could even stitch a cool pattern into a pillow or blanket! The possibilities are endless.


Jigsaw puzzle-solving is a calming and immersive experience that allows you to unwind and relax. When paired with music, puzzles can make time fly. I recommend puzzles of your favourite animal or scenery for maximum enjoyment. If you truly desire a challenge, you can order a completely blank puzzle or one that has all corner pieces!


One of my personal favourites, the culinary arts, It is a hobby that only gets better the more you do it. Not only is cooking fun, but it is also an essential skill for everyday life. A great chef will never resort to eating instant noodles. Some ingredients like meat cuts and baking supplies might have off-putting prices, especially when you can only use ingredients once. I’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting some dishes such as Chicken Pot Pie, Honey Garlic Ribs, and Vegetarian Lasagna. It might take a few tries, but everyone has the potential to make something great.

Video gaming 

Since I was a child, I’ve found video games to be a fun way to immerse myself in an interactive world. There are games made for all ages and demographics, from the fast-paced action of Doom, to the serene beaches of Animal Crossing: New Horizons,  to the controller-crushing difficulty of Dark Souls. Gaming is a bit of an expensive hobby to get into, but once you buy your games and console of choice, they are yours forever.

Online shopping

Sometimes there’s nothing better than browsing categories of Amazon looking for new or interesting products. The impatient excitement of waiting for a package to reach your door has no parallel, but frequent online shopping escapades can quickly result in an empty bank account. Shop, but shop smartly.

Lego building 

Nothing brings out the child-like glee in me like the sound of Legos rolling onto the floor. Building a Lego set is a rewarding event that can take anywhere from an afternoon to a few days depending on the set and your building speed. Not only is the building fun, but you also have an impressive end result to show to your family and friends. Legos are a bit pricy though, especially if you are looking at the larger sets.

Virtual reality 

I’ll admit, this one is pretty niche. For the tech enthusiasts out there, I seriously can’t recommend this enough. I have well over 1000 hours banked on my virtual reality device of choice (HTC Vive) and every cent that went towards the purchase was worth it. Not only is it an experience nothing like you’ve had before, but some apps like Beat Saber and Pavlov VR are also good exercise.

By Keegan Post