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Why the Percy Jackson series is the best series of all time

December 4, 2023

Have you ever wanted to escape the ordinary world and go on an epic adventure? Or, are you a new reader looking for a book series that will lead you on a journey to devouring books like there’s no tomorrow? Look no further than the Percy Jackson series, one of the most beloved book series by New York Times bestselling writer Rick Riordan. Filled with legends, heroes, quests and an abundance of Greek mythology, these books have been a source of inspiration and comfort for many, which is the reason many of us fans are excited about the upcoming TV show, hitting Disney+ on December 20, 2023.

So, in honour of the show and to commemorate the release of Rick Riordan’s new book The Chalice of the Gods, here are my top 5 reasons why the Percy Jackson series (or really, anything Rick Riordan has ever written) is the best book series of all time.

The narration is top-tier

If there’s one thing any reader of this series will tell you about these books, the first that comes to mind is that the narration is top-tier. The first series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is entirely written from Percy’s point of view, and he remains to this day the funniest narrator I’ve ever come across, even years later. With chapter titles such as I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-algebra Teacher and We Take a Zebra to Vegas from the first book alone, you can already imagine that you’re in for a wild ride with Percy. And, to add even more to that, the ride continues with the following series, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Trials of Apollo, where the latter’s chapters begin with hilarious (but horrendous) Haikus.

Powerful female characters

The Percy Jackson series features some of the most inspirational female characters in the history of fantasy books. Contrary to being simply mentally strong, Riordan portrays his female characters as fighters, and equally (if not more) skilled than their male counterparts. From demigod Annabeth Chase, who is both highly strategic and an excellent swordswoman; to mortal Sally Jackson, Percy’s mother who demonstrates sheer dedication in protecting her son from the harm that comes with being a demigod, each female character is exquisitely crafted to portray strength in a variety of ways.

Diverse LGBTQ+ cast!

One of my favourite parts of this series is how much Riordan creates awareness in his books. In addition to family conflicts and abandonment issues (related to demigods having an absent parent—their godly parent—for most of their lives) to showcasing characters with disabilities, Riordan also prides in supporting the LGBTQ+ community in his books by having a wide array of characters identifying as part of the community. With an abundance of lovable characters (which I will not name due to spoilers), these books aim to educate children, adolescents and adults alike on the reality of our society, and promote acceptance and pride in accepting who we are.

Learn about Greek Mythology

Okay, I’ll be honest - everything I know about Greek mythology comes from these books. And, I seriously mean everything. Although I had no intention of learning about Greek myths when I first started reading these books, Riordan accurately depicts and teaches readers about the ancient Greeks by incorporating common tropes found in mythology, such as heroes, legends and prophecies. In addition, the monsters these demigods fight in the books are also the same you may have heard of in other myths. Like, remember Medusa? Yup, she now owns a garden full of gnomes.

In the end, Percy’s just like you and me

If there’s one key takeaway from this series, it’s that not all heroes have to fight an external enemy. Although a main part of this series is demigods fighting mythological monsters threatening their very existence, Riordan also emphasizes that true heroism comes from within as well. Many characters throughout this series go through similar issues we go through, including identity crises, grief, inferiority complexes, loneliness, stress/pressure and ultimately valid human emotions. But, through these feelings, they also grow and flourish into amazing people who become a source of inspiration for all readers alike. 

Oh, and also, they go to college at some point. Just thought I should add that in there too. 

And there you have it! Five reasons why you should read the Percy Jackson series and experience the rollercoaster of a lifetime. For anyone looking to purchase the first book, it is available on Amazon and Indigo respectively. Lastly, for all the caught-up readers of the series as well, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Enjoy the TV show, everyone! 😄

By Shrena Khedun