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Elle Woods approved 25 pink Amazon gifts under $25

February 11, 2021

If you’re reading this because you are a pink lover yourself or if you’re looking to buy a gift for one, I’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day. Here’s a list of the BEST pink gifts from Amazon that Elle Woods herself would approve.


A vintage-inspired pink mirror. For all of the 22-year-old princesses.

 A set of pink kitchen utensils. Kitchen or no kitchen. This one is a must.

Edible pink dust for cupcakes. Totally unique & totally awesome.

Warm pink mittens. Stay warm & cozy in style. 

 A pink waterproof toiletry travel bag. I’ll admit, it’s probably the most practical thing on this entire list.

A pink facemask. Because whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. 

An all in one office supplies kit. I think it’ll add just a little extra something. Don’t you? 

A pink dog leash. For Bruiser!

A pink water filter pitcher. Like Brita, but in PINK is so much BETTER.

A pink garbage can for your car. You might as well make your trash look pretty. Right?

 A pink drying mat for dishes. doing dishes is hard?

Pink silk scrunchies, because you can never have too many scrunchies. 

Pink wax seal stamps for letters. I don’t know what’s more romantic. A handwritten letter or using a pink wax seal with “I love you” written all over it.

Pink satin pillowcases. They prevent wrinkles, you know.

Pink pantyhose. Okay, so these are GIRLS ballet tights, but they can be converted into adult sizes. I’ll let you in on a hack. Ballet tights are WAY stronger than pantyhose. Say goodbye to rips on the first wear.

 A pink Barbie colouring book. I purchased this for myself last month, and I’m proud of it.

A pink scalp scrubber. Great for cleansing your scalp and promoting hair growth!

 A pink mouse pad. Practical, yet cute.

 Pink blue light blocking eyeglasses. Protect your beautiful eyes from harmful blue light in style. 

A pink wireless mouse. I’m using the one linked right now, and I love it. It holds a charge for WEEKS, and I never even turn it off. It’s been approved by my boyfriend as well, who is an advocate for computer mouse use versus trackpads. 

 A pink beret. Timeless. 

A pink gift set. Seriously, how cute is this.

 A nightshirt. For those of us who wear pink 24/7. 

A pink silk robe. You’ll feel like a princess in this. I promise. 

A pink macaroon keychain. It’s a knockoff of a $100 one from Laudree. I won’t tell.