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How and Why You Should Journal

June 28, 2024

Journaling isn't just another task—it's my secret weapon for a powerful start to the week and a great way to organize your thoughts. It's such a simple habit but it helps me figure out my feelings and set a positive tone for the week ahead. To get started I ask myself these questions to journal: 

What am I grateful for?

This question shifts focus to the positive aspects of my life so I can increase my gratitude and contentment.

What is my most important task coming up?

This helps me prioritize the day's tasks ensuring that I focus on what matters.

What joyful moment happened to me recently?

This reflection helps me remember and appreciate the little joys each day.

How am I feeling today?

This helps me develop emotional intelligence by making me sift through my emotions and address my underlying needs. 

What’s working right now and what could be better?

This question helps me promote a growth mindset by recognizing my areas of success and improvement. It helps me fix bad habits of mine by being real with myself about what's working for me and what's not. 

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Why You Should Try It Too

Why is journaling is such a game-changer?

1. Self-Discovery:

Writing down your thoughts can lead to some major insights about who you are and what makes you tick.

2. Stress Relief:

 It’s like a mini-therapy session. Dumping your worries on paper can seriously lighten your mental load.

3. Memory Sharpener:

Trying to keep track of yesterday’s highs and lows? Writing them down can help cement those memories.

4. Productivity Booster:

 Setting goals and reflecting on what you’re doing right (or wrong) can boost your productivity.

5. Problem Solver: 

Whenever I feel stuck on something writing it out helps me untangle my messes and find a solution. 

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The simple act of writing down thoughts and intentions for the day helps me live more consciously and purposefully. I picked up this new habit when my life was getting hectic and I couldn't sort out my thoughts, it helps me stay motivated to have a good week!

Although I am not as consistent as I want to be, I hope this pushes you to start journaling too!