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What is Spilling the Tea On Your Degree?

April 9, 2024

Marwa and I are very excited to announce the release of “Spilling The Tea On Your Degree”! So I wanted to take some time to tell you guys a little bit about what the purpose behind this podcast will be! 

*Us when the podcast finally got released 

Programs, Programs, Programs 

Ontario Tech offers so many programs and it's hard to know about them all. Spilling the Tea on Your Degree is meant to teach current and future students and alumni about every program that we have at our university! 

A Student's Unfiltered Experience: 

Spilling the Tea on Your Degree gives you an UNFILTERED version of student experiences! We understand that university websites can often come across as corporate and inauthentic. Well, we have the perfect remedy. Students will share their honest thoughts about their programs, covering aspects such as academic workload, social life, and debriefing courses.

My favourite aspect of this podcast is its commitment to honesty; our guests provide the unvarnished truth you need when considering a program or wondering what your program is REALLY like. If a class is particularly challenging or if they found a class to be less valuable, they will share those insights with you. Most importantly, they will give you a heads-up on what to expect, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

Not All About Academics: 

Our podcast aims to capture the complete student experience, and that doesn't just mean the academic side of the program, but also the clubs, the friends, and the extracurricular societies you should know about. Although academics are probably the most significant part of any university program, it's also about the social life, the friendships, and the clubs you can become a part of when you choose a certain program.

Our guests provide valuable tips and tricks on how to make friends, nurture your social life, and determine which clubs or societies are the best fit for YOUR program. They help you discover what will benefit you the most because, let's face it, not everything works for everyone.

Insider tips for your Program: 

You can't find these insights anywhere else. Our guests are upperclassmen in their program, so they have the knowledge and experience to guide you through studying and navigating any class or situation you might encounter. It's like seeking advice from an older sibling. Even if you're already in the upper years of the program, it's still valuable to hear others' perspectives on experiences you've also been through.

We can guarantee that you'll walk away with information that will benefit you throughout your time in the program!

Laughs and Interesting Discussions: 

Our podcast is a great way to relax and have a good laugh. It's all about having fun and avoiding formality. Don't view it as a school podcast; instead, think of it as something to enjoy during your downtime. Whether you're walking to the bus stop or cleaning your room, this podcast is perfect for background noise. Here's a pro tip: if you want to watch episodes more quickly, you can listen at 1.5x or 2x speed (I do that for all my lectures too :p) 

Want to be on the podcast? 

Are you interested in being one of our guests on the podcast? We would love to have you!

Connect with us through 👉 Email Instagram

And we will be happy to work out the details!! 

(Fun Fact! The logo, which is the thumbnail for this article includes Me (Laeba) and Marwa!)