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How to ace every one of your finals

April 3, 2024

Ontario Tech's exam season is April 10- 20th, which is right around the corner!

Exam season has to be the worst time of the year, trust me I know. This exam season I have 8 final exams... yup you read that right. So how do I plan on aceing all my exams? Well, I'm glad you asked! 

1. Start Early: 

Okay, first things first—start studying early. I mean, not the night before early, but “I’ve-got-this-under-control” early. This way, you're not cramming everything last minute and stressing yourself out. It’s like prepping for a big trip; you wouldn’t pack your bags an hour before leaving, right? Give yourself plenty of time to soak up all that knowledge at your own pace.

2. Focus on the New Stuff, But Don’t Ignore the Old

Most finals will hammer you on the stuff you learned after midterms. So, make sure you’re comfortable with that material. But don’t skip the earlier stuff—just give it a quick review to refresh your memory. I often work backwards, starting with the material after the most recent midterm. 

3. Give Each Exam Its Day

Try to give each exam at least a day or two of undivided attention right before the actual exam. I know, sounds impossible, right? But even squeezing in one full day of study for an exam can do wonders since the information will be fresh in your head. 

4. Don’t Forget About Your Last Exam

It’s easy to get so caught up in the first few exams that you kinda forget the last one exists. Don’t do that! Spread your study time so you’re not cramming for your final final. That's why you should always start early!

5. Take Breaks

Here’s the deal: your brain is like a sponge, and even sponges need a squeeze now and then to work best. Don’t forget to take breaks. Stand up, stretch, go for a walk, or just do something non-study-related for a bit. It’ll help keep your brain fresh and stop you from burning out.

6. Study Buddies 

Study with a friend if you can. It makes a huge difference to have someone else to bounce ideas off, quiz each other, and just be in the misery and triumphs of finals together. Plus, it’s a lot harder to procrastinate when someone else is counting on you. Try to get together after you both have gone over the material so everyone can benefit! 

Remember, it’s all about giving yourself the time and space to learn, breaking things down so they’re manageable, and not forgetting to take care of yourself in the process. Think about how great it will feel once you're finally done!  4 months of summer, is that you?!