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Reasons you should invest in Bose noise cancellation headphones

June 25, 2021

As a university student, meeting deadlines and getting stuff done is important. To accomplish this goal, I personally need silence, zero distractions, and even some light lofi tunes in the background. This really allows me to get into the zone and make the most out of my time. My studying game truly changed when I decided to purchase the Bose noise cancellation headphones. Now if you clicked on the link, you may or may not have been overwhelmed by that price. I understand it does come off as an absurd price but the productivity and benefits are truly an investment into your future. Also, these headphones frequently go on sale for $70 off and you can take advantage of this deal until June 24! Still not convinced? Let's dig deeper!

Complete silence

When I put these headphones on, I am provided with the option of 3 different noise cancellation settings. There is 0 which allows you to hear some but limited external noise. Setting 5 allows you to hear basically no external noise with exceptions to some super loud vehicles, machines, or someone trying really hard to yell in which case you would briefly sense it. Setting 10 is total silence, I would have to visually see a person calling out for me before I could even hear them! With that being said, please be sure to limit-setting 10 for indoors only or a safe space and not outdoors where you may miss traffic sounds!

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Hearing protection 

Protecting your hearing is important by reducing the level of noise that can meet your ears and thereby prevent risks of permanent hearing loss. Many of us fail to realize how fragile our hearing is. While it's true hearing will decline with age, if you damage your ears at a younger age, the quality of your hearing may only further decline to a point where you may not be able to hear at all! Did you know you can’t fix damaged hearing? A sound that reaches 85 dB or stronger can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Luckily, noise-cancelling headphones such as Bose can reduce up to 80 decibels!

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Super comfortable

These headphones are very comfortable and can be adjusted from the side to increase or decrease in length depending on your head circumference. Volume and playback controls, and noise cancellation settings can be adjusted through some gentle taps on side of the headphones. They are also water-resistant!

Extended battery life 

These headphones provide up to 20 hours of listening time. The charging case that accompanies them provides two full charges providing an additional 40 hours of battery life so that you can listen on!

Extraordinary sound quality 

The Bose headphones provide an amazing sound experience. Bose strongly believes “nothing should come between you and your music.” The noise cancellation feature works with the noise-cancelling circuitry which feeds into the headphones’ speakers alongside the normal audio. The anti-sound works to erase the noise through destructive interference but don’t affect the sound waves in the normal audio. 



These headphones have been a lifesaver in providing me with some peace and quiet as I studied throughout this last year. What’s even better is that some professors will allow you to wear noise-cancelling headphones during tests if you can express how you’d benefit from reduced noises. This will vary from professor to professor, however, feel free to send them an email explaining your situation, proof that there is no Bluetooth connectivity, a picture of the device, and a link where they can read more about their features. 


The Bose headphones have changed my journaling experience for the better. I am able to sit down in complete silence using the level 10 noise cancellation setting and journal, which has truly allowed me to connect with myself and be more mindful.

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