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3 Tips to make the most of your reading week

October 7, 2022

The reading week is right around the corner. Where has the time gone? You may be feeling a mixture of emotions on whether you should work ahead or sit back and take the time to relax. Nonetheless, here are my 3 tips on making the most of your time during reading week. 

1. Plan it out

The best way to get ahead is to get started with a plan. Open google calendar or note it down in your calendar notebook and jot down every responsibility you have. These responsibilities can be academic, family-related, personal and others. You cannot hold it all up in your head and so you need to jot these things down. 

Then prioritize the tasks that require the most time to be scheduled first. Then move down the list in organizing your week.  Personally, I like to start my academic responsibilities early because it takes me time to learn and progress through these items. Prioritize your list. 

I hope you added in a break or fun activity. Yes, you read that right, the reading break is not just about catching up with your work, it is also about catching up with yourself. You are not a machine, you need breaks and so go ahead and schedule a break, a meet-up with your friends or even pick up a hobby you neglected. Doing well in school is all about balance. Take the time you need to catch up with yourself. 

2. Work ahead 

Most students will have midterms and assignments due shortly after the reading week. I would advise against leaving everything to the night before as this can be counterproductive and defeats the purpose of reading week. Romanticize your work if you can and start early as you will save yourself so much stress for the remainder of the semester. 

3. Take time to do things you won’t be able to do during the school 

Is there a goal you aspired to achieve but were unable to because of the busyness of school? Well now is your time to make up for this. Go ahead and schedule in time for things you were unable to check out during the few weeks of school leading up to now. Then as the reading week ends try to manage these activities and keep up with them throughout the remainder of the school year.