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Why the Bachelor series is the best

March 5, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Bachelor season! 


If you don’t know what the show is about here is a quick rundown. The Bachelor focuses on a male contestant (i.e. the bachelor) finding love from a group of approximately 30 women. Each week the bachelor will go on different dates with the women and by the end of the week they hand out roses to the women they wish to continue to get to know better. Eventually, there are fewer and fewer women and the bachelor proposes to one of them.

During the season there are two special episodes “The Women Tell All” and “After the Final Rose” which are filmed after the season has finished filming. In the “Women Tell All” the women get to talk about their side of the story and address any issues that they had with one each other or with the bachelor. The “After the Final Rose” episode is where women who made it to the top three get a chance to talk about how they are doing after the final rose (i.e. after they either got dumped or proposed to). 

Similarly, to The Bachelor there is also the spinoff, The Bachelorette. It’s the same concept as the bachelor but with a female lead and 30 male contestants. In addition, they also have the special episodes (i.e. “After the Final Rose” and “The Men Tell All”)

There is also another spinoff called Bachelor in Paradise, where contestants from the most recent season from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, as well as contestants from the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, try to find love by being with another contestant in the franchise. 

So now that you are all caught up, here is why this series is amazing!

The drama


Let’s be real - reality TV is all about the drama and this show doesn’t hold back. Contestants are all falling for the same lead so yes, with the romance there is also tension between some of those contestants. 

They break their own rules

Although all of the shows have their own particular format, they recently started breaking these rules. When they constantly follow the same format each week, it can get stale so breaking away from these formats actually makes the season much more interesting. There have been times when the eliminated contestant tries to convince the lead to reconsider their decision, or the lead doesn’t propose to either of the finalists. There is even the case where the lead chooses to break their engagement with the winner and tries to pursue the runner-up! So sometimes you don’t really know what will actually happen, you can only sit and wait for the next episode.


New information comes up as the show airs

As I mentioned before, the majority of the show is filmed beforehand and the special episodes (i.e. “After the Final Rose” and “The Women/Men Tell All”) are filmed later in the season. So, within that time frame there are outlets that publish news about certain contestants. Which can lead to some of them in some hot water! 


In one case, the winner, who was chosen by the lead, was still in a committed relationship before the show started filming for the season, but the news was not released until the end of filming as the season was airing! Viewers were extremely shocked to learn about the scandal and at the time they didn’t know who the lead chose! This led to a very intense season hoping things would go well for the lead in the end.

You get to know the contestants

The Bachelor franchise tends to bring previous contestants back for a different show and/or season. Traditionally, they pick the bachelorette from the girls who were in the most recent season of the bachelor and vice versa. Finally, they pick contestants from the recent seasons of The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise to go on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. Therefore, over the course of the year we get to know more about the contestants. Some of the most disliked contestants become the most liked, while some of our favourites turn into the villains. 

Furthermore, with the power of social media, their lives are much easier to follow. With just a quick follow on Twitter or Instagram you can continue to see a glimpse into their everyday lives.

The discussions and Bachelor nation (fandom)

Everyone has a different perspective and the Bachelor nation is strong! After the show, the discussion continues online, and every episode gets you guessing: who will make it through next week? Who has the potential to be the next bachelor/bachelorette? Who will be cast for Bachelor in Paradise? There are several podcasts, YouTube channels, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to the franchise that are so much fun following and listening to! 


Now that you know why the show is so amazing, hopefully you'll be tuning in this year!