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Perks of working on campus

August 6, 2018

One of the hardest things as a university student is finding work. Not just any work. Work that:

  • Isn’t far from home
  • Work that fits well with your class schedule
  • Work that is related to your field of study
  • And most importantly, work that does not involve having a crappy boss.


In my experience, finding jobs that meet that criteria can be anything but a walk in the park. Trust me, I’ve tried. And this was my perspective for the longest while. That is until I learnt of the University Works program. Here I am after working as a Social Media Assistant in Student Life to tell you that great jobs for students actually do exist.

*cues ‘Hallelujah’ from the choir*


Working in Student Life was actually a life-changing experience for me. Why?

Relevant experience for my resume

I am a Communication and Digital Media Studies student and I was able to find a job right up my alley. Departments all over campus are always hiring so I can guarantee that it is very possible to find a job in your field or something closely related to it.

And a job in your field = REAL *EXPERIENCE* 

Working on campus is a great way to start accumulating experience for your resume. On the flip side, even if you see jobs that are not in your direct line of study, you can still apply! Any experience is good experience!

School comes first

In whichever department you work, your education is always top priority. While working in Student Life, I was never overwhelmed with work to the point where my school work was neglected. 

My supervisors worked with me to create a work schedule that always allowed time for classes, studying, assignments and other involvement on campus. That flexibility was one of the highlights of my job!


You get paid! Who ever refused some extra money? There’s really no greater feeling than when that direct deposit hits every second Friday! Working on campus definitely increases one’s ability to have greater disposable income and assists students in paying tuition, purchasing textbooks etc.

So you’ll never have to be like this:


An opportunity to create real change

Prior to working on campus, I saw quite a few areas that needed improvement in our school community. Working on campus gave me the opportunity to play an active role in seeing things change. I was able to voice my ideas and work with an amazing team to bring them to life. 

Relationship building

Best of all, I built some great relationships and made unforgettable memories with my team. We were never just work colleagues. We became family. I felt genuinely appreciated and I always knew I had their support. My opinions were valued and my professional development was always an area of focus.