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Nostalgic tv shows from the early 2000’s part 2

May 17, 2022

This is part 2 of my article “Nostalgic tv shows from the early 2000s”. Let’s continue!



I remember thoroughly enjoying Cyberchase as a kid! All of the episodes revolved around defeating the villain, Hacker. It was such a fun show in a time when technology was beginning to bloom and grow.

Maya and Miguel 

Representation matters, and watching Maya and Miguel made my heart light up because it was an inside look at a Latino family. My favourite characters were Abuela and Paco, their pet parrot.

Dragon Tales 

I loved Dragon Tales so much! This was evident in the light-up Dragon Tales shoes I had as a kid. The main characters Emmy, Max, and their dragon friends are so adorable and charming!  

The Big Comfy Couch 

Gotta love Loonette and her doll Molly! This show was iconic, I will never forget that big green couch! 

Bear in the Big Blue House

I was a superfan of this show! I still have a stuffed animal of “Bear” from the early 2000s who sings and dances. As I was looking up old video clips of the show to write this article I came across a video on youtube called What It’s Like To Play Bear From ‘Bear In The Big Blue House’ which is an interview with Noel MacNeal who played “Bear” in the show. It was so cool to hear from his perspective what it was like!


I mean… talk about a popular theme song. This is another theme song I know all of the words to. It’s hard to pick a favourite character but I think D.W. aka Dora Winifred steals the show in every episode. 


Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

“In nowhere land… to nowhere land”, if I was Maggie as a kid, that’d probably be the names of the places on my pretend map too! Maggie, Hamilton Hocks, and the Beast were such a cute trio! 


I was very young when I watched Babar so my memories of the show are considerably hazy. But a family of royal elephants? What a fun premise for a show!  

Bananas in Pyjamas

I think Bananas in Pyjamas set the tone for me as a kid. My forever dress code of choice is pyjamas… and this show definitely played a role in that!

Blues Clues

My movie genre of choice as an adult is very much mystery, thriller, and crime-related. I wonder if Blues Clues ignited my interest in suspense-related genres? I used to enjoy Steve drawing out clues in his notebook so much!

Little Bear

Out of all of the theme song videos I’ve watched to write these articles, this one brought me the most nostalgia! Little Bear was such a fun show! I remember Duck as my favourite character!


Franklin was one of my favourites! I still remember all of the words to the theme song! I absolutely adored Franklin’s friendship with Snail and Bear. 

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby went on so many fun adventures together! From baking to shopping trips, lemonade stands, and so much more, they were truly a treat to watch!