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13 times Rory Gilmore was me during midterm season

October 16, 2020

I mentioned Gilmore Girls as being one of my favourite shows in my article called, Five TV shows with girl squads worth watching. Part of why I love the show so much is because Rory Gilmore is so relatable! Since we are in the midst of the midterm season, here are some of the Rory moments that I am relating to most!

When I hit snooze one too many times 

When I’m late and everything is going wrong

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this GIF. Rory was on her way to school for a big test, she was late, and of course, she got hit by a… deer. If you’ve never seen this scene before it’s hilarious! Check it out: 

When my friends ask me to hang out 

“Sorry, I can’t right now” 

When my favourite study spot is taken 

When there’s always reading to do

When I’ve lost track of how much caffeine I’ve consumed

When I feel like I can’t take a break (but I probably should)

When looks are my last concern

Finding out if my friends are going to class or not

The defeat I feel when I worked really hard but my grade is lower than I hoped

The countless late nights and yawns

The endless smiles when midterms are finally over

All the best with midterms!