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Tips for success in and out of the classroom

February 17, 2023

The start of a new year and a new semester is a great time to reflect on my university experience. As I head into the second semester of my third year, I look forward to seeking new opportunities. Below are some strategies for success across different aspects of university life:


I strive to achieve good marks and gain a deep understanding of the material learned in class. University courses can be challenging, but here are some ideas for improving academically:

  • Attending PASS sessions, Peer Tutoring, and/or other services provided by the Student Learning Centre
  • Emailing the professor or TA when you are unsure of something and asking questions during and/or after class
  • Creating a schedule for working on schoolwork and writing down due dates in a planner
  • Trying out a new study method

Extracurriculars/Job Opportunities

I found it challenging to get involved when school was online, but now that I am at the school regularly, I have seen many opportunities. Here are some suggestions for getting involved:

Social Life

Now that I am back on campus, my social life has improved. I found it difficult to come out of my shell and talk to people, but over time, I have become less shy and have made friends. Here are some tips for creating and maintaining friendships:

  • Join a club or society to meet like-minded people
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to others in the class. I’ve found that individuals are generally open to meeting new people and appreciate it when someone strikes up a conversation.
  • Invite friends to study on campus between classes or after class. My favourite spot to study with friends is the 2nd floor of Shawenjigewining Hall at the North campus.
  • Round up a group and head over to the Campus Ice Centre for skating, or drop into the gym at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre and play sports such as badminton or volleyball together


I have found many ways to improve academically, get involved, and make friends at school, especially now that we are back to learning in person. I encourage you to try out some of these suggestions next semester. Best of luck with the new term!

By Victoria Matheou