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My Ontario Tech starter pack

August 17, 2022

If you haven’t seen starter packs before, this is what they look like: 

They’re a fun compilation of items that describe a certain type of person. I thought I’d make my own starter pack as an Ontario Tech student and add in some nostalgic items I remember from my many years spent here.

Ambassador T-Shirt 


Being an Ontario Tech Ambassador obviously the shirt would be very appropriate to include in my starter pack. I’ve attended and volunteered for so many fun events in this shirt. 

Tim Hortons Cup and Snack 

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Tim Hortons is a huge staple for Ontario Tech students, myself included! I’m always roaming around campus with an extra large black coffee and cinnamon roll! 

Ontario Tech Reusable Bag 

Okay, these reusable bags are the best! Usually, you’ll get them from purchasing something from the bookstore. If you walk into any of the Science lectures, I bet you’ll spot a dozen students with these bags. It’s an unspoken thing in my program that if someone is carrying one of these it probably means that they have a lab to go to and are using it to carry their lab materials in!  Definitely an essential starter pack item!

Awake Bars 

 The best thing was getting Awake Bars for free on campus whenever they were handing them out! It’s chocolate that gives you a caffeine boost and a treat all in one.  

Branded Swag

Branded swag is so fun! You get a ton of it for free at different events on campus which makes it so hard not to show #RidgebackPride all the time! 

Laptop Stickers 

I never used laptop stickers before entering university but they’re so common among our students! They tend to get handed out at different on-campus events and once I got one I always felt obligated to show it off because of how cool they looked! 

Now you know what would be in my starter pack, tell us what would be in yours on our Instagram @otstudentlife