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The Inside Scoop on Working at Ontario Tech as a Student

June 30, 2021

As a tour guide with the University, I get this question all the time “are there opportunities to work for the university?” and my answer is yes! I currently work for the Office of the Registrar as a Tour Guide; I have the opportunity to show prospective students our downtown campus and everything we have to offer at OntarioTech while working with a team of other guides to give commentary on how to recruit future OntarioTech students. As this position is directly from the University, I can also take part in the work-study program as a Programs Assistant for Student Engagement and Equity. These positions have different requirements set by the Institution.

University Works Program

OntarioTech offers many different positions for students with the flexibility to continue their studies. The program is offered in two terms: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Positions available for students include but are not limited to Program Assistants, Social Media Assistants, Lab Assistants, and more. These jobs are limited to students in need of financial aid and are first applied for as a general bursary.

University Jobs

There is no set number of hours you are limited to in these positions and are applied for externally of the University works program. Job opportunities are endless and include listings such as Tour Guide, Follow-Up Caller, Note Taker, and so forth- you can find out more about these opportunities at the end of the article.

Tour guide is listed twice due to it being a University job throughout the Fall/Winter and then University works during the Spring/Summer.

Regardless of the type of job program you’re a part of, there are numerous benefits to working on campus and a wide variety of jobs that will fit your interests or field of study!

Building Your Own Schedule


How flexible your hours can be depends on the position. During the Fall/Winter semester, University Works positions only allow students to work 10 hours a week and consider your class schedule. During the Spring/Summer the number of hours is increased to 35 hours a week. University jobs can also be flexible and work around your school schedule but are closer in structure to a typical part-time job where you work different shifts and can pick up extra hours from co-workers who need to get rid of shifts.

Samantha Brown (Legal Studies) currently works as the Peer Mentorship Assistant & Student Follow-Up Caller and she has stated:

 “My experience in the work-study program at Ontario Tech has been amazing. It's a great opportunity to earn money while making friends and connections on campus. There are also plenty of options regarding positions and flexibility so I'd highly recommend applying if you're interested!”

Building Experience


Work-study positions are offered in all areas of the university and are faculty or department-specific. Through working in these departments, you have the ability to practice and apply the skills you acquire in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Dakoda Cluett (Alternative Dispute Resolution specialization with a minor in Criminology) currently works as a Peer Employment Advisor and noted:

“Work-study is an amazing opportunity that changed my life for the better! It provided me with the financial assistance that I needed in order to fund my education as well as providing me with valuable employability skills that I will use throughout my entire career. It taught me the importance of time management, organization, and collaboration all while supporting me in my university studies.”

Building Your Network


By getting a position with the University, you are able to interact with staff, faculty, and other students outside of the classroom and start to build connections. It is common for many students involved with work on campus to move between departments and build a university-wide network!

Kennedy Latour (Kinesiology) currently works as a Kinesiology lab assistant and had this to say about her experience:

“Through my four years [at the University] I’ve had multiple different positions with work-study at the university. It’s been an incredible experience to be involved in various roles in different years. It’s allowed me to network, and connect more than I could have ever imagined. University employment literally changed my life. On top of work-study, you can get semester contracts and so many more options!”

Fatima Bah (Life Sciences) is currently one of the Peer Mentorship Assistant

“I have been involved with SEE from my first year so it was great to see the behind the scenes of the department. I have learned so much about the administrative work involved in the Peer Leader program. All the other work-study students and staff made the experience even more worthwhile. We all give each other a hand when needed and have an amazing work culture.”

Building Community

You might be thinking, “isn’t this the same as networking?” and in some respects yes! However, it differs by the kind of relationship you are making. As many positions have students interacting with their peers, there is the ability to build personal connections with people that you might not traditionally interact with.

Mackenzie Pearman (Networking & IT Security) currently works as the Equity Programs Assistant and has made this point as well:

“The work-study program has really helped me to explore my passions and interests outside of academics and allowed me to meet and make friends with other students that I would have never met otherwise. Being a work-study student has also given me the time to figure out the career path I would like to go down post-graduation.”

Sylvia Harnarain (Life Sciences) is the Digital Community Assistant and had added that:

“I have really enjoyed being a work-study student. It has allowed me to take on an extra leadership role in an area that I've been a volunteer in and have grown to love so much! I enjoy working with the Content Creators and Crew Members to support their ideas and watch them move from the editing to publishing stages. It is truly a rewarding experience!”

How to Apply


University Works

 To apply, go to MyCampus under the OT Awards and Financial Aid, locate the University Works Program application on the right toolbar and apply for Student Aid. Once you are approved for the program you’ll be eligible to apply for the work-study positions!

University Jobs

To apply go to the Student Life Portal and on the left toolbar, there is a tab for Job Listings. More information about student jobs can be found on the Student Life website.