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Finals season memes

December 8, 2020

Listen to this while you browse this article for some added finals season motivation:

I can totally vouch for this

Did we need a ruler?

The mitochondria IS the powerhouse of the cell

If I avoid studying, maybe it’ll go away?

But what really is it though?

I am this kid, this kid is me: 

“I can’t right now, I’m procrastinating!”

Why am I like this?

The ultimate betrayal 

How I plan to be as soon as my last exam is over 

Double the exams, double the fun?

Procrastinating at its finest 

“The morning after” student edition 


Thank you, Newton 

Ever heard the saying “when in doubt pick C?”


Is tralse an option?

The 4 most reassuring words 

 Process of elimination, am I right? 


It's the most wonderful time of the year 



Good luck!


 I hope these gave you a good laugh! All the best with your exams!