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Beauty On A Budget: Best Drugstore Makeup!

March 8, 2024

Makeup. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of makeup? For me, I think of blush because I am a big blush girl. But I also think of the hefty dent that makeup puts in my bank account. Despite that fact, I am still going to buy it… but why? I find that it's because everyone thinks that expensive things are better, higher quality, and safer. I am not against expensive makeup, but as students, we all know that money can be tight and it's hard to find some cash for unnecessary expenses. 

But what if I told you you can get the best of both worlds? Saving money and having great quality makeup? Well, you are in the right place because today, I am going to show you my top picks for drugstore makeup that will have your wallet thanking me. 

Let's start from the beginning, moisturizer:

Cetaphil: Moisturizing Cream - Hydrating Moisturizer for Dry to Very Dry, Sensitive Skin, Provides 48-Hour Hydration

beauty on a budget

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart  

Price: $10.44

A good moisturizer is ESSENTIAL to good makeup. If you are applying foundation on dry skin it will look flaky and cakey. That's why this moisturizer is my favourite. I would recommend this cream to people who have dry to normal skin, but if you have oily skin look for the normal moisturizer. 

Sun Screen 

I am sure you are tired of hearing this on skincare/ makeup Tik Tok but it's true, sunscreen is essential for your skin to stay healthy and wrinkle-free as you age. 

Neutrogena Suncare Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen Spf 60

beauty on a budget

Source: Amazon 

Price: $13.67 

This sunscreen is good for dry skin and honestly, a great base for my makeup, if you have this sunscreen you can skip your primer step.


Primer is used before you apply foundation/your other makeup and it is good for hydrating your skin and making sure you have a flawless base. However, if you want to save money you can skip the primer step in general and still end up with a good makeup look. The key is to have a good moisturizer and you won't have to spend the extra money. 

Elf Power Grip Primer 

Everyone talks about the Elf Power Girp as being the dupe of the Milk Hydro Girp primer that retails for almost triple the price. A lot of people like this product because it grips on to your makeup and keeps it on.

beauty on a budget

Source: Amazon

Price: $12.99

I personally like the Elf Hydrating Primer because I have dry skin, I love the texture, and it is so affordable!

beauty on a budget

Source: Amazon

Price: $7.98


Foundation is essential to all makeup looks, it covers the blemishes on your skin like dark spots and pimples. 

L'oreal True Match foundation

beauty on a budget

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart 

Price: $17.06

I love this foundation because it has a lot of shades and matches perfectly with mine. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which means it's moisturizing. This foundation also gives me full coverage when I add a lot and gives me less coverage when I want to wear it to more casual places. 


Concealer is used to spot cover-up and to brighten the under eyes. Once again if you want to save money you can skip this product since you already have foundation.

Maybelline Fitme! Concealer

This concealer is good for not drying your skin and concealing blemishes. People say it is a dupe for the more expensive Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

beauty on a budget

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart

Price: $8.99


Blush has to be my favourite of all things ever. Blush adds a nice red/pinkish hint to your cheeks. Personally, I find blush essential since I feel like I lack colour after applying foundation. 

Rimmel London - Maxi Blush Powder

I have tried so many drugstore blushes because blush is my favourite part of makeup. I love the Rimmel London - Maxi Blush Powder this blush is so pigmented and has the prettiest colours. 

beauty on a budget

Source: Amazon

Price: $5.69


Mascara completes every look, it makes your eyelashes longer and darker. 

what the fake! volumizing & lengthening mascara

beauty on a budget

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart

Price: $5.99 

This mascara is so perfect for lengthening and darkening your lashes without clumping! It's also the most affordable mascara I have ever purchased but it's also my favourite mascara. 

Well, there you have it! These are my best drugstore makeup products! You don't need expensive products to have a flawless makeup look. Trust me on this list because I have done my research online as well as my own (expensive) trial and error by buying and testing products myself. Sorry I didn't add more products but these are the ones I know most about and what I can give the best advice on! 🙂