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The Best Gift for The Month of Love

February 20, 2023

UHN Foundation

The UHN Heart Foundation at Ontario Tech University, founded in 2022, is a club dedicated to raising awareness for heart disease and working towards prevention. A team of heart enthusiasts came together to fill a void in the Durham Region concerning heart health as they wished to share their stories of struggle with heart health to help mitigate the disease. 

They decided to host a fundraiser to raise money for heart disease and sold candy grams/personalized care packages to celebrate Valentine's Day as a small token of appreciation. Keychains, rings, heart pendants, cupcakes, and stickers were just a few of the many things found in their packages. 

They were graciously able to raise over $500 in 3 days and have set their intention to donate all funds raised to the official UHN (University Health Network) Foundation, specifically to Peter Munk Cardiac Center, a transplant and heart surgery center working toward saving lives with those at risk for cardiovascular disease! 

How can you help?

Did you miss the candy gram sale by any chance? Don't worry because they have many more items up their sleeves for the coming months! Be on the lookout for new events, fundraisers and activities by following @uhnfoundation.otu on Instagram.

What's Next? 

The UHN Heart Foundation at Ontario Tech University will start the #MyHeartStory initiative. They will request general members and all those wishing to participate in submitting their heart stories through the Digital Community. Are you passionate about heart health and disease intervention? Do you have a personal story that impacted you and you would like to share in giving others strength and perspective, then go ahead and submit it!

Steps to contribute:

  1. Click here to go to the Digital Community website and select "Submit an Idea."

  2. Enter the necessary prompted information, and for the title, put "My name is _____, and this is my heart story."

  3. Under the ideal description, please note whatever fits from the following: "Sharing my experiences with ___ (heart disease/heart health/overcoming challenges related to heart health/assisting a family member with heart health/choosing a healthy lifestyle etc.) to inspire change/to connect with others/raise awareness."

  4. Once your idea is submitted, start writing! Add pictures if you're comfortable! Be sure not to include personal details and try to focus on what the experience taught you and how it changed your perspective on heart health! 

  5. The digital community will contact you to submit your article, and you can send it to them accordingly!

  6. Be sure to let UHN Foundation know if you submitted an article by emailing them: