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Equity and Diversity in STEM

March 20, 2023

Equity and diversity in STEM are essential because they help to bring in new ideas and perspectives while also creating a positive environment for all, which is what STEM is all about.

What is STEM?

If you were wondering, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This field has been gaining massive popularity within the last couple of decades. An increase in popularity leads to a rise in interest and creativity, as well as great minds to make those ideas come to life.

What do we mean by Equity and Diversity?

Equity is where strategies are used that look at unequal conditions or needs for people that could be a barrier to them and help provide resources to give them an equal opportunity. Diversity refers to the differences across people, whether socially, ethnically, etc.

Implementing equity and diversity in STEM is essential to encourage all great minds, regardless of their gender or where they come from, to pursue a career in STEM. Showing diversity in the field will inspire young boys and girls that this is a potential field for them. Equity ensures each person will have an equal opportunity to succeed by providing resources based on each person's needs.

How can we do so?

We can start by ensuring that we include various genders and backgrounds when advertising careers in STEM. This will help people see that this field is for anyone.

We can also strive to include educators from various backgrounds and reassess classroom and workplace environments to ensure the environment is equitable. It looks to support the multiple needs of each unique student and worker.

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How do you think we can improve the implementation of equity and diversity in STEM?

By Angela Karimzad