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Let’s Talk Master’s!

January 11, 2024

As I approach graduation, much like many other students, I find myself hesitating about my future. Embarking on a higher education journey can be overwhelming yet exhilarating at the same time, and in the end, it might prove to be worthwhile. Pursuing a master's degree goes beyond merely attending school for another two years; it encompasses a transformative experience that offers opportunities for personal and professional growth.

More than just school

I know what you may be thinking: an extra two years of schooling just seems…a lot. While I couldn’t agree more, a master’s degree has more to it than you might imagine. Many master’s programs offer the opportunity to do your first year domestically and your second year abroad! Supervisors encourage their students to seek international research methodology as it allows them to gain fresh insight and broaden their perspectives. As for the students, well you can imagine how delightful it must be to experience a year in a new country and form relationships and connections with people of different backgrounds and cultures. 

It can enhance your undergraduate degree

Let’s be honest, not all undergraduate degrees lead to direct employment after graduation, and in this current economic climate, it must be hard for even the best majors to find a stable job. Adding a degree to a resume can only enhance one’s chances and may even guarantee an increased earning potential.

Some master’s programs bridge the gap between purely theoretical bachelor’s degrees and the industry. For instance, a student with a bachelor’s in biology may choose to pursue a master’s in biotechnology and gain practical experience and placement within two years. 

Some careers are only attainable through a master’s degree such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy, etc. 

Putting the “Grad” in student

Let’s make one thing clear: yes, one may be going back to school, but as a graduate student. This can have various implications, but one of the most noteworthy distinctions is the independence and autonomy that come with being a graduate student. These qualities allow for flexibility in scheduling, researching, networking, and working. Grad students also experience closer and more fulfilling relationships with faculty members who act as mentors and perhaps future references and connections. 

Furthermore, master’s students tend to delve more deeply into their areas of interest and what they choose to study and focus on, creating an increased sense of intellectual fulfillment, personal growth, and academic development.

Pursuing a master’s degree can open up a world of possibilities and enable the most exciting experiences. Whether it is a course-based master’s or a research-based master’s you are considering looking into, just know that this path will undoubtedly unlock a fulfilling educational adventure filled with personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Best of luck!