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Favourite Hallmark Movies: Christmas Edition

December 19, 2022

First of all, I adore watching romantic comedies not just because they are usually so adorable, but also because doing so during the winter holidays, which are supposed to be about pleasure, joy, and love, always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My mother was always a massive fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies, and that love hasn't wavered through the years. We frequently watch them together, but I have to ask: Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? She indeed enjoys them to such a degree that she sometimes watches them in July. An ongoing joke poses the question, "What has 27 actors, three settings, two writers, and one plot?" THE ANSWER IS 671 Movies from the Hallmark Channel. Although some of the stories can be predictable, I believe they are all original and endearing, so I've put together a list of films you should watch over the holiday season.

For you to join in on the holiday spirit and watch these entertaining Christmas movies, I've supplied a link below that will help you locate your local streaming provider. Hallmark Channel on W: Where to Watch

Christmas Town

Lauren Gabriel, an elementary school teacher, decides to leave Boston a few weeks before the holidays to accept a new teaching post hundreds of miles away. She also decides to leave behind her boyfriend, Eric, who is more focused on his career. Except for her cat, she is by herself while she packs the last of her stuff, delivers the letter she wrote to her lover ending their relationship, and boards the train feeling content and prepared to begin a new chapter in her life.


A Gingerbread Romance

Taylor's workplace, an architectural business, has decided to put her in a competition in which teams will design and construct life-sized gingerbread homes. The competition will take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Following the conclusion of the competition, Taylor will most likely be offered a promotion to a post in a different city. Taylor wanders into a neighbourhood bakery by accident and starts a conversation with Adam, a baker and a single parent. In desperation, Taylor convinces Adam to enter the competition as a partner with her by claiming that winning will provide the bakery and Adam's ideas with the much-needed attention they need. Taylor has been hesitant to name any place "home" for the last several years out of the worry that she would only be there temporarily. Will she change her mind this time? Watch the movie to find out more.

Ice Sculpture Christmas

After starting her first job in the country club restaurant, the ambitious chef Callie can get back in touch with David, an old friend from their youth who is now a wealthy club member. David enters Callie in the club's Christmas ice sculpting competition, where the winner goes up against Chef Gloria, Callie's boss. Even though working on ice is a frigid job, will Callies and David's relationship heat things up, or will the chemistry between them be icy as ice?


The Sweetest Christmas

You can probably tell that I like viewing films about gingerbread since I have a general love for food, which translates into my liking of related movies. Kylie Watson, a struggling pastry maker, is the movie's main storyline who is offered the opportunity of a lifetime after being selected for the American Gingerbread Competition finals. She contacts Nick Mazannti, an ex-boyfriend from culinary school, to rescue the competition when her oven malfunctioned minutes before the competition. Will they reconcile, will one of them find new love, or will something else stand in their way before the competition? Watch to discover more.


To tell you the truth, compiling this list was difficult since I like watching all of the Christmas movies produced by Hallmark, which are all wonderful.  This year, there are so many new landmark movies coming out, and I couldn't be happier! One of the newest films that got my eye is about Rj, a brand-new angel who returns to Earth as a stranger to assist his sister in making amends. The holiday stocking premiers on December 3rd, 2022 and this seems like a pretty intriguing plot to me. I was also busy the year before, so I missed the early-year new releases, so this year I'll also be watching those! In the links provided below, you may watch movies that were released earlier this year in case you missed them as well as learn when new movies will be released so you can mark your calendars!

New year, New Movies

Miracles of Christmas 2022 Preview

Mark your calendars, and never forget or miss another Hallmark movie!

However, I hoped this list would be a starting point for fantastic movies to watch over the holiday season.