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Date ideas for pals or partners: Autumn Edition

October 13, 2022

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and sweater weather is quickly approaching; it may seem controversial, but one of the best seasons is upon us: autumn. Given that it isn't too hot or cold outside, and that fall is also visually stunning, fall is one of the best seasons to go on cute dates with your friends or significant other. Making appreciation/spooky baskets, going to a pumpkin patch, and other fall activities are just the beginning; perhaps this article will spice up your life.

DIY Cheap Dates:

Spooky Baskets / Thanksgiving baskets:

Making a basket full of small items that your friends, family, or even your partner enjoy is a wonderfully sweet way to express your love for them. A great autumn game would be to purchase a basket from Walmart or Dollarama and load it with items you believe they will like. When you exchange baskets, you can see how well you did. The gift exchange could be scheduled for a particular day set aside for showing appreciation to others. Other idea spinoffs include incorporating a theme, such as who could create the scariest basket, make the funniest basket, an item colour theme, or even a basket with a pun associated with it. Additionally, the basket can be filled with tiny assortments of sweets, baked goods, and cozy items like hats, scarves, socks, and mittens are all small yet make thoughtful presents. Other suggestions for gifts are a DIY hot chocolate kit with the ingredients, an adorable mug, marshmallows, etc.

Carve and Decorate Pumpkins:

Carving pumpkin designs is another cute and adorable date idea for you and your friends or partner. Carving pumpkins is a fun, low-cost date idea, from cleaning out the pumpkin to roasting the seeds to drawing out a design. You could also hold competitions to see who can create the best method or even give it a theme, such as the scariest or cutest pumpkin. You could also paint your pumpkins instead of carving them if you don't like to get messy. You could think of fun themes or compete to see who could paint better.

Hiking Adventure:

Making plans to go on a hike or walk with your friends or your significant other is a beautiful opportunity to exercise, discover the outdoors, and spend time with people you like. A pleasant hike, perhaps even one that ends with a satisfying picnic, would benefit your mental health because, with a busy school schedule, we frequently forget to take time for ourselves and grow too busy to spend time with people we appreciate. You'll get in touch with nature during the hike or stroll, enabling you to take stunning pictures. If you need suggestions on where to begin, I've provided two links below that go to hiking trails, specifically in the Oshawa and Durham regions.

hiking trails in the Durham Region

Hiking trails in Oshawa 

Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Baking Night:

Who doesn't enjoy eating? One of the best decisions is to include food in their plan. You may do this by planning a put-together dinner with your family and friends, where everyone contributes a dish to share, or by cooking together and having fun. The possibilities for baking are endless. Having a baking night, experimenting with a new fall delight like candy apples, attempting a new pie recipe, or playing with different crust ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Below are two links to easy Thanksgiving entrées and desserts. These can be used as the basis for the first course of your perfect Thanksgiving meal, and while they may merely serve as a suggestion for you to build upon, they might just be what you're looking for.

easy thanksgiving dishes

easy fall desserts

Have a bonfire / be cozy and relax:

Fall is regarded as one of the cozier seasons; it's the season for warm beverages, comfortable clothing, and lots of comforting embraces. Another enjoyable method to pass the time is to curl up and watch a movie or binge-watch a new television show with friends or a significant other. Making smores beside a bonfire or experimenting with them at home is a delicious way to stay warm.

Activity Dates:

Pumpkin Patches:

Going to a pumpkin patch would be a ton of fun because there are so many things to do there, like going through a corn maze, choosing your pumpkin, snapping adorable photos, trying different foods, and so much more. I've listed the local farms in the section below, along with information on each and its varied activities. The names of the farms each include a link to their webpage, which can be reached by clicking.

Linton’s Farm Market

Knox's Pumpkin Farm

Pingle's Farm Market

There are also entertaining activities like haunted homes and harvest festivals. Below are some links to current events that you might find interesting.

Pickering Museum Village

things to do this fall in Toronto

Fall is generally a busy time of year. At the start of the new school year, people's mental and physical health decline due to weather changes, being apart from friends and family, or just the general course load are just a few of the many factors going on simultaneously. I hope this article gave you some ideas for fall activities you may do with your friends or your significant other to carve out some time, especially during reading week. Please read over and give some of these possibilities some thought because making time for yourself and spending time with people you like are excellent ways to decompress and instantly improve your mood.