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Launch Your Business Dreams at Ontario Tech

May 16, 2024

So you have got a fantastic business idea buzzing around in your head, and the entrepreneurial spirit is calling your name. But where do you even begin? As a student at Ontario Tech University, you are surrounded by a supportive network and resources just waiting to be tapped. That's exactly how I felt sitting in my dorm at Ontario Tech, with dreams bigger than my pile of textbooks. Now, let me share the inside scoop on making those dreams a reality, with a personal twist.

Faculty of Business and Information

The Faculty of Business and Information (FBIT) wasn't just a resource; it was like finding a mentor amidst an abundance of lectures. This integration of Experiential Learning in the faculty presented itself as an entrepreneurial feast, offering workshops, co-working spaces, and mentorship opportunities that were as enriching as they were easy to access. Booking a spot felt like securing a seat at a brainstorming session with friends rather than a formal meeting. To immerse yourself in this experiential learning journey, simply head to the Ontario Tech website, navigate to the FBIT section, and look for the academic support or registration FAQs page. There, you will find contact details to reach out via email at for an appointment.

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Brilliant Catalyst

Then, there's the Brilliant Catalyst. This place was like stumbling into an entrepreneurial wonderland. Workshops, networking events—you name it. It was here I learned that a solid handshake and an eager smile could open more doors than a perfect GPA. To engage with the Brilliant Catalyst for workshops and networking events, access the Student Life Portal and select the one-on-one support section. Here, you can book in-person appointments, available Monday through Friday.

PROGRAMS — Brilliant Catalyst

Career Centre 

The Career Centre turned out to be the ace up my sleeve. Who knew that a place known for resume tips could offer so much to an aspiring entrepreneur? From marketing workshops to pitch practices, they helped me sharpen my entrepreneurial toolkit. For appointments related to business development, resume and cover letter support and more, visit the Student Life Portal.

Career Centre | Student Life

Outside of Ontario Tech

Outside of campus, diving into Ontario's entrepreneurial ecosystem was like joining a league of extraordinary minds. Futurpreneur Canada and the Ontario Business Centre were my go-to's for sage advice and support, without the hefty consulting fees. And the startup communities? Imagine finding your tribe, where everyone speaks your language of dreams and determination.

One-Stop Source For Small Business - Hamilton Business Centre

Some More Tips:

Here are some additional tips to launch your dream business:

  • Refine Your Idea: Before diving in, make sure your idea is solid. Conduct thorough market research, talk to potential customers, and gather feedback to validate your concept.
  • Develop a Solid Business Plan: This roadmap will guide your decisions and help you secure funding. I've spent weeks refining my business plan, ensuring it includes detailed market analysis, financial projections, and a robust marketing strategy.
  • Legitimize Your Business: Don't forget the legal stuff! Register your business, obtain necessary permits, and make sure you understand the legal and tax implications. It may seem daunting, but it's a crucial step in building a legitimate enterprise.
  • Network and Build Relationships: Networking is key in the world of entrepreneurship. I've connected with mentors, advisors, and potential partners who have been instrumental in my journey. Attend networking events, join online communities, and don't hesitate to reach out to professionals in your field. 

In essence, embarking on this entrepreneurial journey was like signing up for the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime—with ups, downs and thrilling loops. Ontario Tech and the vibrant Ontario ecosystem were my launchpads, providing not just the tools and knowledge, but a community that believes in turning dreams into reality.

So, to my fellow dreamers, let's not just chase our dreams. Let's live them, breathe them, and make them our reality. The world's waiting for what we have to offer.

By Muhammad Tilal Chaudhry