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Budget-friendly Valentine's Day

February 10, 2023

It's likely that when you clicked on this page, you were perplexed as to why the thumbnail depicted two skeletons in love. Well, it's meant to be a warning not to kill yourself by spending your money on love. I am aware that this is a rather harsh statement to make, but the fact is that we are currently living in an era of inflation, and the cost of groceries, rent, insurance, and bills have all increased. In addition, at the beginning of 2023, there were significant tax increases. Having said all of this, love should not have a price tag attached to it. Still, I am confident that your significant other will value a thoughtful gift that originates directly from the heart or even a do-it-yourself gift together with a more affordable present. I used to have the attitude that if I didn't purchase someone an expensive gift, they would think I didn't like them or appreciate them. However, this is not necessarily the case. A larger gift does not necessarily indicate that someone likes you more. Don't get me wrong; it is enjoyable to treat that individual on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays; nevertheless, larger does not necessarily equate to better. The financial situation of each person is unique.

This article will provide a variety of low-cost alternatives to spend less money while still having fun and providing a present to your partner/friend, all while adhering to a budget.

Quality Time > Material Items

Investing in a shared experience rather than a material possession can create lasting memories and strengthen relationships. 

Spending that money on a home-cooked meal for you and your significant other or a potluck with your friends is more thoughtful than buying the usual chocolates or plush animals that will likely be used once and then forgotten. When two people get together to prepare a meal, they have the opportunity to observe how the other prepares food, decide what kinds of foods they like to eat, learn how the other person works in the kitchen, and, in general, try something new, all of which can contribute to the development of a healthy relationship. 


Another option is to inform your partner you'd want to skip gifts this year and use the time instead to organize a movie night at home with plenty of food and snacks (which could be bought with the money that would have gone to gifts). 


In addition, there is the possibility of participating in an activity such as going to a museum or aquarium, both of which are enjoyable winter date options. AGO, ROM, and Ripley’s Aquarium are all wonderful ideas. If the two of you share an interest in art, you could visit the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. This gallery is open to the public without charge, and it is a wonderful spot to spend time gazing at wonderful artwork while forming a closer link with one another.


DIY gifts

There are other ways to save money, such as shopping at less expensive stores and finding discounts, if your partner truly enjoys the straightforward classic stuffed animal and chocolates. Additionally, there is a tonne of resources on Pinterest, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram for making your adorable DIY cards or gifts. There are numerous gifts that you can purchase and make at a low cost that I am confident your partner will appreciate. Dollarama is a great place to start looking for cheap candy, baskets, stuffed animals, craft kits, do-it-yourself activities and much more. There are several ways to get more for less money. You can start shopping earlier to look for discounts, sales, and deals on items, or you can buy smaller items that are small but essential in the winter. Many small, inexpensive items placed in a basket with a card can make it appear as if you put a lot of time, effort, and money into the gift when you didn't.

Small Items can include:

  • Facemasks
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Ear muffs

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Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day whether it is spent with your partner, your friends or even by yourself it is a wonderful time to spread love but I hope these tips were helpful to you!