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Don't be shy, TikTok some more

September 25, 2020

The older I’ve gotten, the more I have noticed the rise of social media which has likely developed due to an increased dependency on technology that my generation has come to be known for. Many social media apps have risen to stardom due to their meme-able content and catchy phrases. With the ability to create an endless stream of content, many users have been able to reach out to a massive audience of viewers. Their content gains popularity and in turn, they often label themselves as influencers. These social media apps are very successful as their target audience is mainly teens and young adults who are always engaged with new and exciting content. Some of these social media platforms include Vine, Tumblr, Triller, Instagram, Twitter, and even go as far back as the MySpace days. The level of growth has been undeniable, however, it has been met with some criticism. Many believe these apps distract the youth from more meaningful initiatives such as progressing academically or professionally, picking up new hobbies, completing schoolwork, and the list could go on. As of recently, a new app has come into the market that has everyone hooked, scrolling through videos for hours at a time known as TikTok. TikTok gained popularity through catchy dances made to coordinate with upbeat and trendy songs. The app has however opened up the realization of non-traditional jobs that are not encompassed in mainstream media. Through hours of scrolling, I have found some amazing accounts that are a must to visit during your next scrolling session.  Check out the many subdivisions of TikTok’s educational content for a variety of study areas as well as career advice. 

Pre-med TikTok

This side of TikTok generally encompasses the journey of pre-medical students highlighting their experiences, advice, recommendations, study tips for the MCAT, as well as important information regarding a pathway to medical school and some other healthcare careers. Take a look at some of my favourite content creators who are sharing knowledge on pre-med: 

Healthcare TikTok

This side of TikTok includes individuals in many healthcare forums sharing insightful information, advice, simplifying complex topics, providing day in the lifestyle videos, mental health awareness, and providing health tips. The videos in this subcategory allow me to have a holistic outlook on healthcare as they are experts sharing advice and information from their experience in healthcare fields. The following content creators provide extensive content under this category:

Science TikTok

The following accounts include, but are not limited to topics regarding physics, chemistry, space, human anatomy, scientific experiments, laboratory research, marine biology, natural disasters, and many more. This educational content style is excellent for garnering more knowledge about diverse topics in science. I love to watch these TikTokers to see fun scientific experiments or learn about human anatomy (arguably the best biology subject in my books).

Math TikTok

For many, math tends to be one of the more difficult courses thus the following accounts provide great resources, free tutoring, solved solutions, step by step explanations, and helpful advice for all math topics. As someone who struggles with math myself, having access to these accounts would have made my math classes so much more bearable. 

Business TikTok

There has been a recent interest in business as well as financial literacy; the following accounts provide knowledge and advice on a plethora of topics including stocks, excel, cryptocurrencies, data science, investments, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, entrepreneurship, business models, financial intelligence, marketing strategies, rebranding, Bitcoin, and much more. As someone with minimal business experience, I can always rely on business TikTok to teach me a thing or two about the field. 

Computer Science TikTok

There is a great deal of the technological side many of us have not been familiarized with. The following accounts provide educational content on varying subjects including coding for beginners as well as tips and tricks, fixing code bug issues, programming languages, technology hacks, developer advice, as well as a wide variety of other related content. 

Career Advancement TikTok

The following accounts include excellent guidance regarding many topics which include but are not limited to career tips, salary negotiation, resume formatting, personal statements, how to be an in-demand employee, email formats, follow up etiquette, internships, mistakes to avoid, guidelines for answering interview questions, career strategies, dealing with discord, networking, job searching tips, etc. I could watch these TikToks for hours because they’re always sure to leave me with advice I never knew I needed.

This app has much more to offer in comparison to other social media out there today. Many associate TikTok with dances and skits yet there is quality content about many rather educational topics. I constantly catch myself downloading educational TikToks (mainly pre-med and career advancements videos) as they have opened up a doorway of knowledge difficult to find elsewhere as it’s put in such an easy to digest format. The 60-second clips have the ability to reach millions of people to spread awareness about the intriguing subject matter for all.  Next time you catch yourself on the app, search one of the channels above about an area that intrigues you and get to learning-the fun way that is.