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Why You Should Replace Your Music With Podcasts

May 22, 2024

Music. Who doesn't love music? It's a great way to fill the silence while driving, cleaning, or even studying. But that's just it... I feel like we have so much time to listen to music it's so easy to get tired of it. That's why I am here to convince you to replace just some of that time you take listening to music and fill it with a good podcast.

Learn new things

Podcasts are like that friend who knows a little about everything and loves to share. Want to know how black holes work, or why we dream? There’s probably a podcast episode on that. It’s a way to make your brain bigger while you’re just chilling or doing your thing.

I feel like the best thing about learning from podcasts is that it's not content that you learn for school, so you will never have to study it and learn it in depth if you don't want to! Learning things out of interest's sake is so much better than being taught by necessity; even I was surprised at how much I actually enjoy learning when it's things that I find interesting!

Variety of podcasts

There's literally a podcast out there for everything. Are you obsessed with unsolved mysteries, or want to know how to start your own business? Pretty much anything you are interested in, you can find a podcast about it.  The thing I love about this is that sometimes it's hard to find people who have the same interests as you, especially if it's not that popular, so listening to podcasts can act as an outlet in letting you express yourself and help you find a community of like-minded people and it's just like you talking to someone about it!

Mental health benefits

Feeling a bit off? Or stressed out about school? There are tons of podcasts focused on making you feel better. Whether it's offering advice, meditation guides, or just some good old-fashioned positivity, it's a great mood booster. It’s like having a little therapist in your earbuds!

A little bit of company

Listening to podcasts can feel like hanging out with your friends. Hosts can get personal, sharing their ups and downs, making you laugh, or giving you that “I get it” moment. It’s a cozy, communal vibe that music can’t always give.

Do two things at once

Podcasts are perfect for multitasking. Things like laundry or a long car ride can turn into time to learn something new, help your mental health, or make you have a good laugh. 

It's free!!

Most podcasts are free! It’s a whole world of entertainment that doesn’t have to cost a dime, and who doesn’t love free stuff?

Podcasts to check out: 

Now that we have talked about why you should replace your music with podcasts, I  want to recommend some to help you start on your podcast journey! 

Mental Health Based: 

The Positive Psychology Podcast 

True Crime: 



Check out our podcast!

I hope you guys take my advice and try out a podcast or two!