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6 tips for surviving this exam season

December 1, 2022

1. Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Break

Trying to get something done while stressed can be very difficult, so why not take a break? Read a book for a few minutes, phone a friend, try breathing exercises, etc. Do something that is relaxing and makes you happy. Returning to the task with a fresh mindset can help you work through it.

2. Go for a walk

Daily walks around nature can be very calming. Take a moment to breathe fresh air and admire the scenery around you.

3. Have a study schedule

Plan out a schedule of what you are going to do each day. Be as specific as you can. Include which assignment you'll be working on or class you will be studying for, and the amount of time you anticipate it will take. Create a realistic schedule that you can follow, with breaks in-between tasks, to avoid stressing over unfinished activities.

4. Form a study group/Have a partner to keep you accountable

Having a study group allows you to go through lots of information quickly. Teaching each other is a great way to learn and share tips. If studying in groups isn't effective for you, do your studying alone and then meet up with classmates 1-2 hours before the exam to go over the material together.

Tip: Assign a topic to each person and have them teach it to the rest of the group. This way, everyone has the opportunity to participate, and one person is not doing all the work.

5. Take the time to reflect.

Set time aside every day for reflection. Reflect upon your feelings, the things that went well, and what you would like to improve. This will allow you to connect with yourself and assist in making meaningful changes to your day.

Tip: You can reflect by journaling your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Write down everything that comes to your mind, the stressful things, and anything you wish to say to yourself.

6. Reward Yourself

After a long day or challenging study session, reward yourself for getting through it! A yummy treat, an episode of a show, or anything that will motivate you to get your work done.

By Maazia Ahmed